New Passport, New Possibilities

In 2005 I got my first passport, as it would be required for an upcoming trip I was taking to Central America. In the nearly 10 years since then, I’ve traveled to 14 countries (some of which I’ve been to multiple times), and filled my passport up. After getting back from The Philippines I immediately ordered a new passport, which finally arrived!

I’ve been holding it in my hands, sifting through the blank pages, and dreaming about what memories having this passport will enable me to unlock.

Being without a passport for the last two months has meant that I was effectively unable to leave the country. I couldn’t take advantage of any last minute international travel deals, or plan a weekend trip to some place like Guadalajara on a whim. While it is arguably foolish, I ended up paying extra money to expedite the processing time for my new passport. Having the freedom to travel means a lot to me. I may not even end up using my passport for a few more months, but it was still worth it for my peace of mind.

The standard passport has 28 pages, but I opted to get the large (and very hefty I might add) 52 page book. I have very ambitious travel plans, and wanted to set myself up to do a lot of traveling before needing a new passport again. Using my first passport as a guide, I estimate that I can travel to about 30 countries with this new passport, before I run out of space. Just going to 30 countries over the next decade would be about double my travel pace of the previous decade. I think I’m up for that - and then some.

Currently, the top of my travel list includes Central and South America. I’ve been dreaming of being in a warm climate, going on boundless adventures, eating amazing food, and learning spanish - and can't wait to get down there. It’s hard to predict what the future will hold, but I have a feeling this passport will fill up in no time.