The Ambient Exercise Deficit of Working Remotely

I had a really productive time working remotely over the holidays. I learned a lot about what it's like to work remotely in general and also had an unexpected learning burst. Getting back into my normal routine this week, I had to adjust to a lot more body movement than I had been doing while working remotely, where I sort of just lounged around all day.

During a normal work day I walk almost a mile to work, use a standing desk all day, walk to lunch, walk to the water cooler a bunch of times, and then walk back home. This sudden change from not moving for two weeks, back to moving a lot made my muscles a bit tight. I checked the health app on my iPhone, and it confirmed just how lazy I had become while working remotely.

If I'm going to make working remotely part of my life in the future, I'm going to need to be cognizant that I won't get the benefit of all this ambient exercise I normally undertake while working in the office. I'll have to make adjustments, and be sure to incorporate extra exercise into my day if I am to maintain my physical health while I work remotely.