Three Glorious Days Off

What do single letter licence plates, double yolks, and three day weekends all have in common? They are all rare, surprising, and leave me wanting more. While I didn’t get to see a single letter licence plate nor did I have a double yolk I am in fact closing out a wonderful three day Memorial weekend.

I spent almost two full days coding my latest side project. I made huge progress on the business logic and data structure, and even made an awesome web scraper. At one point in my two day code-a-thon I let myself go outside and eat at the recently reopened Shake Shack - which was of course delicious. I held my own Agents of Shield Season 2 marathon and finally saw the new Avengers movie. To round things out I met up with some friends and walked a few miles around NYC, soaking in the beautiful weather.

While adding an extra day to the weekend may not seem like that much more, it actually makes a huge difference. Not only did I have 50% more time to do whatever I wanted to do, but my mentality was different. On a normal Sunday I start to dread the end of the weekend, and the start of yet another week. But this past Sunday was more like a Saturday where the possibilities were endless and there was buffer day before I had to go back to work. Furthermore, even though I have work tomorrow, I’m now going into a 4 day workweek, which is a much easier prospect that the normal 5 day week. As a result I was able to do a lot more today without that looming dread seeping in.

Overall I love three day weekends, and am very happy that I took full advantage of the one I just was given. I can’t wait until the next one!