Office Alone

This has been a very quiet week at my office. A few people are out on their summer vacations, and a few more are out at an industry conference. Since I’m the only engineer on staff this week, I’ve had to resort to merging my own pull requests - which has made for an interesting slack channel discussion.

Today though, when I got into the office I found myself all alone. My entire team was just not there.
It kind of reminded me of Home Alone, when Macaulay Culkin wakes up to find that his family went on vacation without him.

I kind of knew this was coming, but for some reason I was pretty surprised. At first I felt a little like I was left behind, and wished I was out doing something fun instead of being cooped up all alone in the office. But then as time went on I actually really enjoyed the solitude. I was able to accomplish a ton of work without the “distraction” of other people around.

Working in the office alone reminded me of my all too brief time working remotely in the sense that I was more productive than normal. However, since I actually still went into the office, I maintained my regular hours and level of decorum, and did a lot of walking.

Overall it was an interesting day, and apparently I’ll get to live this all over again tomorrow! Hopefully, as in Home Alone, the sequel is just as good as the original.